Friday, May 7, 2010

week four: heresy

Bowing to their gods of endless debilitation, they see with their eyes, but they are blinded in their minds. Awestruck they are by what they believe is true, but dumbfounded is their reality. Guidance comes from liars, profiteers, and fools more blinded than they possibly could be. They are lost and they are all damned to an unknown hell for disbelief in reality's fact. Slowly they suffer under their sacrifices to the sacred nothing. Gifts are given as sacrifices for fear of wrath from powerless entities. They are told to commit logical and ethical transgression for the sake of their fallacious devotion. Why can they not see that their empty worship is as hollow as their gods?

For those that see the truth, they offer only punishment. There is no repentance for meaningless heresies. Freedom and liberty are shallow ground to their delirious hallowed sacraments. Profession of deviation is impossible without condemnation. Any who see know that their gods are not to be feared, only their prophets. They are mad and they are fanatical to their lies. They lie of both ignorance and knowledge.

These prophets flaunt their riches and ceremonial lavishes as gifts from the gods, but their wealth is from the sacrifice of the poor, starving, and desperate. They seek answers but find only robbery and treachery. Prophets claim to be shepherds leading a flock to harmony, but are actually wolves leading sheep to the slaughter. Not a slaughter of flesh, but a genocide of reason in conversion to madness.

Ancient teachings of greater understanding, wisdom, and knowledge are burned in favor of their fallacious teachings. Rejoicing, the common are convinced of liberation from blasphemous calligraphies which hinder their growth. Their ignorance is astounding, but it is not a crime to be deceived. They are all deceived by those who would use the powerless to gain power, wealth, and influence.

It is urged now to see through their slanderous lies and blatant hypocrisy. The eyes of reason must yet again be opened and the liars overthrown. There are few times when a servant of reason would argue for revolt, but the time is upon us all to act. This cannot possibly be allowed to continue for it is the death of all that is right, morally and logically.

I can write no longer. I can hear the footsteps of the guards coming to my cell and I can smell the kerosene. There is chanting outside as the deceived call for me. They call not for my release or for fairness in trial, but rather they call for my death. They are going to set me upon wood and then burn me at their stake as an example of the fate of heretics like myself. I urge whoever finds this to listen to reason and spread it. I will die, but reason will not die with me.

I am afraid. Death is upon me. They are coming. I am so afraid. Have I done the right thing? What if I am wrong? Fear, fear pumps through my veins and doubt encircles my mind. But there is no salvation from this. I will burn and I will burn proudly, for I have died for what is good and what is right. I am a martyr.

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  1. intiresting. i like the long wodrs.