Friday, July 16, 2010

week fourteen: kid's clubs (guest author)

I am very pleased to introduce Story a Week's very first guest author! His name is Andrew Bowman and he is six years old! I'm staying in Georgia right now with the Bowman family and I came to discover that Andrew loves to write stories! He wrote this all on his own (with a little help on grammar) and I think it turned out very well! Anyway, without any further rambling, here is Andrew's story "Kid's Clubs"!

One bright, sunny day, my best friends, Sydney and Conner came over to play. Conner is five and he usually plays with my little sister, Kaitlyn, who is also five. I like to play with Sydney, who is seven; I am six. We like to play lots of things, but we especially love making clubs. We even tried making a clubhouse out of carpet!

Sydney and I are the oldest, so we are sort of in charge. But we don't always agree. Sometimes she wants things one way, but I want them another. I remember one time me, Sydney, and Conner were playing a game. Sydney wanted to use a stop sign in our game, but I did not. So she threw us in jail (a pretend jail, silly!). But it seemed real because she put foam squares around us.

Sydney is sometimes kind of bossy and that frustrated me and Conner. She told us if we tried to escape, she would bonk us on the head with a hammer. But soon, it was time for Sydney and Conner to leave. I was sad when they had to leave. I always am when my friends have to go.

But I know it's okay because they will be back tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we argue, and sometimes we get mad at each other, but that happens to everyone. I love my friends. Sydney and Conner are my best friends and I hope we are best friends forever!

And maybe one day Sydney and I can get married....

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  1. Andrew says - Thank you for posting this on your website. I love you Wes!

    Kaitlyn says - My name is Kaitlyn and Im a chicken

    Sydney - Im glad you posted this Wes.

    Conner - (Doesnt want to say anything)